Monday, August 7, 2017

Rich's Regency Greatcoat, or, CoBloWriMo Day 7: Made for Someone Else

Rich and I had the opportunity this spring to participate in the 250th birthday celebration for Andrew Jackson at his Hermitage estate in Nashville, Tennessee.  The weather forecast for that weekend was cool and damp, which has the potential to be pretty miserable if you're stuck outdoors or in a tent with inadequate clothing.  Outerwear moved to the top of my to-do list pretty quickly!

Material: Wool plush (Burnley & Trowbridge), unbleached linen (, hair canvas interfacing (Needle & Thread)

Pattern: Laughing Moon #136 

Year: 1800-1820

Notions: Matching cotton thread (Gutermann, from JoAnn), silk buttonhole twist (Wm. Booth, Draper), brass buttons (Burnley & Trowbridge)

How historically accurate is it? The construction is a mix of modern and period methods, although it is all hand sewn. The hair canvas is modern although it doesn’t show. The wool isn’t *quite* fulled enough to leave all the edges raw, so concessions were made for that as well.

Hours to complete: 40+, because tailoring is slow.

First worn: March 17 at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, for the 250th birthday celebration event.

Total cost: The lining, buttons, and interfacing are from my stash, so probably $120 or so for the wool, thread, buttonhole twist, and pattern.

As it turns out, we were very grateful to have our snuggly coats with us.  The weather was cool and wet one day, cool and bright the next, but we were cozy and warm no matter the environment.  I still intend to add some magnificent shoulder capes to this greatcoat, and even have them all cut out.  It works just fine without them, though, so those will probably happen this fall after my last couple of events for the year.



  1. What a nice coat! It is so fun to see a brightly colored men's outerwear, as opposed to all the dull colours of modern outerwear... And I have the greatest admiration for anyone who does tailoring!

    1. Yes! He picked the color out himself and it was so much fun to work with. The tailoring wasn't too hard; the instructions in the pattern are quite good, it's just slowwwww.