Tuesday, August 29, 2017

CoBloWriMo Day 29: Ensemble

Okay, full disclosure: I someday hope to do a proper photo shoot of the riding habit pictured here, where I'm actually riding on an actual horse, in an actual sidesaddle.  You'd think for someone who owns five sidesaddles that this would be a no-brainer.  Unfortunately, fitting sidesaddles is a tricky business...that's a rant for another time!  Long story short: I haven't verified whether any of my saddles fit the horse I'm currently riding, and I'm not allowed to buy any more saddles until I actually own a horse.  So that might take a bit!

In any case, until then, I'm going to share the photos I do have, because this may be my favorite outfit I've ever made.

As with every new garment, I learned a ton while making it and there are things I will definitely do differently next time.  I also still want to add loops to the inside of the skirt so it can be tied up for walking, since hoisting my skirt over my arm to walk around all day got really old.

Even so, I felt like a million bucks wearing this thing, and even if I do make another (like a nankeen one for hot weather), this one is of a quality that I feel comfortable using as a part of my sidesaddle display, perhaps on a mannequin so people can look and feel without having to peer under my skirts or poke me in odd places!

Here you can see just how long the skirts are.  They're not incredibly wide, but the drape and swish is so very nice!

Honorable mentions go out to my husband, who let me borrow his shirt and cravat so I didn't have to make my own last minute, and Anna Worden Bauersmith who just happened to have this adorable straw hat on sale at the perfect time for me to swoop it up!

So, until my time and funds align to bring together a horse, a saddle, a habit, a me, and a photographer, here she is--my very first riding habit!  I can't wait to see what it looks like accessorized with a gallant steed.

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  1. Oh riding habits- just beautiful! Lovely Katie, keep 'em coming