Monday, August 21, 2017

CoBloWriMo Day 21: UFOs

Ah yes, the skeletons in every seamstress' closet...UFOs.  No, not the X-Files kind, the dreaded UnFinished Object.  You know, that project that gave you so much trouble it ended up in the naughty corner, or maybe something you started for an event but didn't end up going.  Or maybe it's just a piece that failed to hold your interest or spark any enthusiasm.  All of these things can lead to a UFO, and that's totally fine!  But sometimes, it can also be really satisfying to cross some long-term projects off your list.

Winter gear isn't something I have occasion to tackle very often, since a lot of events I've gone to in the past have been at the height of summer.  When you need it, though, you really need it!

Wool flannel with tucks--toasty!

I had actually forgotten about this in-progress petticoat for a while, but I unearthed it while moving my fabric from my sewing room closet to the guest room for storage.  The wool flannel fabric is very similar in weave and texture to an original that I have owned in the past, though somewhat thicker.

Pimatex yoke with flat felled seams

Since I don't know what the weather in Gettysburg will be like in November, I'm planning for chilly temps.  It's better to have more and not need it, than to freeze your tail off and be miserable all day!  Anyway, this flannel petticoat will keep my legs nice and toasty under my hoop if it's cold out.

Attaching yoke to flannel

So, while it's not actually finished yet, I am well on my way to finishing it for November.  And once you start working on it again, it's "in progress" rather than "unfinished."  Right?

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