Tuesday, August 15, 2017

CoBloWriMo Day 15: Workspace

I've been procrastinating SO hard over this prompt.  I've had posts scheduled out 5+ days almost since the beginning, but this is one I've been putting off hardcore.  So here I am at 11 p.m. the night before this is "due," typing in bed because ugh.

I'm a messy person.  My coworker buddy tells me I have a "pilot license," or rather, a "pile-it" license.  My supplies are all in stacks--I pile it here, I pile it there...you get the idea.  But the fact is that it's not terribly photogenic.  Which is why I've been procrastinating.  Also, pretty sure 'procrastination' is an endorsement on my pile-it license.

I have an advanced degree in stacking, too.

Also I'm terrible at interior decorating.

Bare walls, you haunt me

But, I am not gonna let my unorthodox organization methods trip me up when I'm halfway through a month of daily posts, so here it is!

Brought to you by Ikea, Target, and Wal-Mart

I even vacuumed, guys!  This carpet is the worst for collecting little cat hair floofs and threads; someday I hope to have laminate but until then at least this is nice underfoot.  I'm sure there will be dozens of pins buried in it by the time it's replaced, though!

Collections Storage
My fabric resources have grown beyond their original home in the closet of the sewing room, so I've (temporarily (maybe)) annexed the guest room as secondary storage.  Really, those bins don't fit in the closet very well so I'd like to come up with some more compact options.

Also probably half of that can be deaccessioned and at least a third is already part of a concrete project plan.  The other fraction bits are mostly scraps or bits I can make mockups out of at some point...but dude.  Nobody needs that much.  I need to stop shopping and get sewing!  Oh, and let's not talk about the rolls of silk in the sewing room closet.  Just...shhhhh.


Now this...this is my nemesis.  This is the so-called "put on the stairs to go up" pile that started embarrassingly long ago (that box is left from when we moved in 2015...though I don't think it's been there the whole time), which never seems to get any smaller no matter what is taken off of it and transported elsewhere in the house.  It's gonna have to go soon, though, because that nasty-ass paneling is getting ripped off and drywalled ASAP.  Where will it go?  No idea.  What's even in that pile at this point?  EVEN LESS idea!

Molly Moodle!

This is the sight that greets me whenever I descend from the sewing stratosphere and reenter the land of those who don't have project deadlines.  The doggies are banned from the upstairs because of reasons, but it sure is nice to come down to a welcoming smile.


  1. Howling! I was going to say 'it's not as bad as mine' but then you showed us the stairs lol Kudos for having the nuts to do it! I stair-stack too [drives the wife mad] but I do actually take things up/down at least once a day. Brilliant, thanks for giving me a giggle!

  2. Oh, I feel you! Ihave things everywhere since I moved afew months ago (well, before that, I had these things everywhere in the old flat). Mine is not all sewing stuff, though. I have much, but sadly (or gladly) not as much. But I still have a huge moving box full of fabric, that moves its position every few weeks. My flatmate must hate me.
    So no, it's nut just you! If I were to photograph my work space, I would have to photograph the whole messy flat!

    1. That's how it was in the apartment we lived in before our house! My workspace was basically every room. I have a very patient husband, haha!