Saturday, August 12, 2017

CoBloWriMo Day 12: Garment

In a stunning contrast to all the prompts that have required me to (attempt to) make a decision on my favorite whatsit, today's prompt leaves its one word open for interpretation.

Not a garment

The Past Patterns 031, Circa 1796-1806 Lewis & Clark Era: Empire Gown pattern is pretty ubiquitous at this point.  There are dozens if not hundreds of versions out there on reenactors and costumers alike, and its distinctive seam lines are both appealing and easily recognizable.

That narrow back, tho...

My version is currently in-progress, made of a gorgeous striped linen from Burnley & Trowbridge.  They sold out of it once and I was super sad to only have gotten a 2yd remnant, so when it came back in stock I leaped on it so hard I probably dislocated something!

Genesee Country Village & Museum, 2015
The original dress from which the pattern is taken is quite rustic, made of homespun cotton cloth and lined with coarser, mismatched pieces of linen.  As you can see above, though, the pattern lends itself to all kinds of variations.  Julie made hers in a beautiful, airy woven stripe and it turned out great!

From The Met, c. 1809
The original above is another example of that very narrow back and armscye that extends back over the shoulders.  This example is back-closing, which is something I hadn't considered, but I suppose the pattern could also be altered to do this!

I apparently don't have pictures of the many recreations and variations of this pattern that I've seen "in the wild," so to speak, but I'd love to see your version if you have made one!  I had to rip off the skirt of my version last night because the whole bodice is just a little too big, so once I resize that a bit and reattach the skirt, look for more updates soon!

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