Tuesday, August 1, 2017

CoBloWriMo Day 1: Introduction

Well hello there!  To kick off CoBloWriMo, please allow me to introduce myself.

Which seems silly, since here you are on my blog, which shares my name, so you obviously know who I am.

But, a refresher for those just joining the party, here I am:

Self portrait of artist with European Polecat*
*Ferret (Jane)

Married to this guy:

Portrait of Artist's Husband with Pupper

We have dogs:

Trixie and Molly...who now own the couch
And guinea pigs:

Cake Pop Waffles-Marie Lovely, Cupcake, and Victoria (Victoria is the white blur at right)

And a cat:

Lucie, Queen Floof

I sew, 



And nap.

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