Monday, July 31, 2017


As you may have noticed, I took a couple months off after our last event, which was Historic Halifax back in May of this year.  Between finishing a big sewing project (a new riding habit), some small projects (new trousers for Rich) (when did I start to consider fall-front trousers a small project?!) and completely manufacturing a new tent fly (definitely a big project!) and taking my sidesaddle exhibit on the road for the first time, it was time for a break.  I mentally gave myself until the beginning of August to just chill, daydream about stuff I'd like to sew, and plan my priorities.  It was really nice to give myself permission to not sew if I didn't feel like it!  Unfortunately I also fell off the blogging wagon, even though I have a couple more posts I want to do, and even drafts begun that aren't ready to post.

Well, August is almost here, and in the meantime I was invited to participate in CoBloWriMo.  First thing's first...I am not promising to post every day!  But I am back to sewing, and I do want to knock out some blog posts, and I like the list of prompts (above.)  So, tomorrow I'll kick off with an introduction and get the ball rolling.  In the meantime, if you want to participate, or find other blogs that are participating, head over to the Facebook Page for CoBloWriMo!