Monday, June 13, 2016

Year 2

So, today is my second wedding anniversary (kind of.)  Our whole marriage process was a bit crazier than the norm thanks to immigration laws, so we actually have a few special dates that symbolize our marriage.  June 13 was the church ceremony with friends and family, though, so today is the first of our anniversary dates.  In 2014, it was a Friday the 13th, but we got a kick out of it because we got engaged on April 1--April Fool's Day!  So why not continue with our accidental little theme of picking offbeat days for our milestones?

Holme Pierrepont Hall

Anyway, I think I posted photo? when we actually got married, because we were also busy moving Rich overseas, filing for immigration status, and adjusting to being married.  Normally I would feel a bit silly sharing our wedding photos two years later...but, and I say this with a humble, grateful heart, our wedding day was gorgeous.  I planned it from 4,000 miles away and the first time I ever saw the venue was when I walked in an hour before saying my vows, in my wedding dress...and my jaw just hit the floor.  I mean, the pictures on the internet were pretty, which is how I picked it, but I was not at all prepared for how amazing it was.  It was like walking into a fairy tale!  There was so much stress leading up to it, and for the whole day to go off without a hitch and to be so gorgeous was just such a gift.

 I might have a heart attack if I had to do it again, but looking back on the photos reminds me of how wonderful it was.  My friends and family traveled thousands of miles to be there with us, and Rich's friends and family surrounded us so lovingly.  I am truly grateful for everyone who made that day so special, and for how amazing it was...and for how far we've come in two years.  Here's to the ones we still have to look forward to!

Our wedding party:
Elizabeth, Julie, Holly, Katie & Rich, Andy, Dan
Such wonderful people!
That was the most amazing, velvety grass I have ever walked upon!

Grandpa made it 4k miles to be there!
And then we went and had Indian food!
The food was beautiful and amazing, too!

The end!  Or rather, that was just the beginning.  I love you, Rich, and I hope we have many more adventures in our years to come.  And also naps.