Monday, May 9, 2016

Tulip Time 2016!

I would love for this to be a compelling, eloquent post about Michigan history in the 18th century, or the history of Holland, MI and the Tulip Time festival.

Unfortunately, I'm drawing a blank.  I think I need more coffee.  But, fortunately a picture is worth a thousand words or something, so I'm just going to let the photos we took yesterday do the talking for me!

Such a great day, with beautiful weather and great friends.  Totally worth the tired feet and mild sunburn!  See the rest of the photos on Flickr here!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Shortcut Bandboxes

For a long time, ever since an incident involving scones and wine, Rich and I have been tossing around the idea to make a video series about making stuff.  Or rather, our mishaps making stuff.  In other words, This is Why We Can't Make Nice Things.

I've posted a few teasers for this on my Instagram (go follow me!  @katie.lovely) and with lots of help from my wonderful husband it's finally here!  This hopefully first of many videos deals with how I made a period looking bandbox using a ready-made papier-mâché box from a local craft store.
Finished and ready to fill with stuff!

Rich has by far more experience with sound and video creation and editing, so I have a lot of confidence that our productions will only get better now that we're over the biggest hurdle that is *just getting started on something new and different!*

Behind the scenes: drying tea-dyed "newspaper."

As promised, my links and sources:

Wallpaper: Wallpaper Aficionado
Glue: Grandmother Stover's "A Stikflat Glue"
The Young Sewphisticate: A 19th Century Sewing Box

I would love to hear your feedback, here of on my blog' Facebook page! Thanks for watching!!