Monday, April 4, 2016

One-Hour Watch

Sometimes, you really just need a quick and easy project. I’ve been slogging away on trousers for Rich…which are coming along just fine, but I have three more buttonholes to do and I don’t want to do them. No reason, just me being pouty!

So, for a change of pace, I decided to dedicate a little time to making a fun accessory for Rich’s gentleman’s wardrobe. Ages ago, I bought him a tiny antique watch fob with his name on it and everything. Since then, it has sat in a little padded box in my box of cute small stuff I don’t want to lose, not being used or seen. Well, that doesn’t do anyone ANY good!

A quick trip to Hobby Lobby yielded most of the supplies I needed to put together a nice little watch fob…ribbon…thingie. I don’t know what it’s called, really. But I purchased ribbon crimps, heavy duty jump rings, and lobster claw clasps. I also cannibalized six links of jewelry chain off a bracelet I already had, but smaller jump rings or jewelry chain of any sort would have worked just fine.

The ribbon is actually a strip of silk taffeta sewn into a flat tube, with the seam at one side so it’s not very visible. The ends were turned inside for a little added thickness, since I was paranoid about the crimps having enough fabric to “bite” into. Other than that, it was just a matter of busting out my pliers and squashing some metal around!  And now Rich has a lovely personalized accessory...and I got to avoid making buttonholes for an hour or so.  Win!

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