Monday, April 11, 2016

I Could Have Danced All Night

The Regency Ball in Lansing happened again this year!  It was cold and gross outside, Rich's car got a flat tire that morning, we got lost on the way to a venue that we've been to a million times, and I got snow in my shoes running through a field after a great blue heron.

It was wonderful!

Doesn't regency suit Rich so well?  He just looks so very dashing!  He says without his normal beard his face feels cold, though.  Interestingly, Rich is wearing more me-made clothing than I am in this photo!  I made his jacket and trousers, but the dress I've got on is one I bought from a friend.

My mom is adorable as always.  She made her own dress from a B&T roller print but with the long sleeves she usually finds it too warm at our summer events.  It was perfect for a chilly April evening, though!

I was so happy with how my hair turned out this time!  The decorations are my favorite part--I used an antique lace bonnet veil as a simple turban with the heavily embroidered end hanging over my shoulder, and shoved in a couple of absolutely magnificent velvet roses from A Pink Swan on Etsy.

I have some trouble with regency hair because of how determinedly straight my hair is normally.  Also, I've been keeping it quite short, which can cause lots of flyaways.  This time, I used Lottabody setting lotion diluted 1:1 with plain water, used toilet paper squares as end papers (to minimize escapees), and rolled it in the morning with flex rods (foam tubes with wire in the middle).  The Lottabody seemed to add texture without being overly greasy or heavy (cough pomade I am looking at you), and the curls were very flexible and touchable.  But they lasted all night long with minimal wilting!  I will definitely use this method again!

The best part of the ball is always seeing friends!  I spent more time yakking with people than I did dancing...which was almost a pity because Glen Morningstar, the caller, is so fantastic.  But it was worth it to catch up with so many people!

Mom debuted her new reticule...some of you may recognize this.  It started life as a sleeve, taken from an example in Costume in Detail.  I embroidered 1.5 sleeves before I realized how much I hate embroidery and gave up, and the poor orphan sleeve has hung around in my stash for years.  It represented so much time and effort I couldn't just throw it away, but we all know I'll never embroider a whole dress.  Fortunately mom solved my dilemma by adopting it and turning it into a nice roomy bag that hides all sorts of things, from cameras to car keys!

By the end of the night, Rich was ready for me to stop taking pictures!  But for real, this event is really fabulous and fun every single year.  If you're interested in attending next year, definitely follow the Regency Exhibition Ball FB page!

Special DVD Bonus Features!  Regency Ball 2016 Behind the Scenes! 

My head is a pineapple
Yeah that's right; I went out in public with a pineapple head.  I also went to Wal Mart!  Nobody even noticed.
The next morning I woke up with a swoop!


  1. You look so, so beautiful. Like really. You got that glowing thing going on! Also WHAT DRESS IS THIS????

    1. Thank you! <3 I gotta admit though, the glowing thing is thanks to my mad makeup skillz, rather than a great complexion. ;) And for once this was NOT a me-made dress!

  2. The dress suits your so well, the green brings out your eyes! End your company really looked dashing, that was the first thing that came to my mind!

    1. Thank you! That dress was a bit of an impulse buy but it was a total steal and I'm so glad to have it as part of my wardrobe. :) And I do think Rich needs to do more regency gentleman stuff as well!

  3. Heyyyy so I'm connecting our posts. Then I realized that I took NO PICTURES WITH ANYONE! But apparently a lot of food...

    1. Ha! Well, food is important...I didn't take pictures with anyone outside my group so don't feel too bad :)