Monday, February 29, 2016

Midwinter Ball

A lot of reenacting involves schlepping around a field in hot weather, wondering why you chose THIS hobby of all things.  People ask you really weird questionssunburn and bug bites are major hazards, and in general "the struggle is real," as they say.

Fortunately, those times are usually fun in their own way...and they are also balanced out by what I like to call "clean" events.  You know, events where I don't come home with mud still caked on my shoes and where I don't leave grimy footprints in the tub at the end of the weekend.  Events where I don't end up like the proverbial Eliza Bennett, "six inches deep in mud, I am absolutely certain."  (You might notice I talk about mud a lot.  It gets wet here.  Also sometimes there are tornadoes...but usually just rain.)  Sometimes, especially in the winter, we even have indoor events.  Mostly because you'd freeze your bits off outside, but that's beside the point!


One such event that is much anticipated all year long is the 8th Arkansas/22nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry's Midwinter Ball, held at the much-beloved Central United Methodist Church in downtown Lansing.  This year was as delightful as ever, with music by Golden Griffon and dance calling by Jim McKinney.  I had never danced to Mr. McKinney's calling before, but he did a fantastic job and there were several new dances that he taught us, along with old favorites.


As you can see, I wore my sheer with a Swiss waist over top, and accessorized with a Dames a la Mode collet and matching earrings that Rich got me for Christmas.  I was relatively pleased with my hair, which is currently cut in a chin-length bob.  Thank goodness for hairpieces, and this lovely little hair accessory that was made for me by my dear friend Jen, from a pattern in Godeys (I could have been another period magazine, but it was definitely a period pattern!).  I wish my hair were lighter so it showed up better!  But I think it adds just a nice, subtle and dressy touch with its lacy pattern and pretty ribbon.


Mom and I ended up making a girls' evening of it, since Rich wasn't feeling well.  Unfortunately I think I'm coming down with something now, too, but at least I got to have some fun first!  Mom wore my teal ballgown, made over to fit her smaller frame and shorter height.  She is also wearing a Dames a la Mode necklace and earring just can't go wrong there!  Doesn't she look lovely?  We had a wonderful time and honestly, I'm already looking forward to next year.  Thank you to the 8th Arkansas/22nd Michigan for a great time!

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