Friday, May 22, 2015

Let's Do This!!

It's been quiet around here for the past few weeks for the simple reason that I've been sewing madly and even a little frantically to prepare for this weekend.  Memorial Day weekend is sort of the "kickoff" for my summer reenacting, with my 1812 regiment's big opening event at Fort Meigs in Perrysburg, Ohio, and Greenfield Village's Civil War Remembrance weekend all at once.

As of right now, Rich and I both have outfits to wear and most of our stuff packed in the car, so in not very many hours we'll be on our way to the past!  We'll be spending Saturday at Fort Meigs, then Sunday and Monday at Greenfield Village.  If you're in the SE Michigan or upper Ohio area, you should come out and see us!  Both sites are worth a visit and it's always fun to come when there are dozens and hundreds of reenactors around...we're a fun time. :)

I'm bringing my nice camera with me, but you can swing my my Instagram (linked in sidebar) for mini updates throughout the weekend.  Phone is charged and ready to go!

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