Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Regency Ball 2015

Wonderful dance programs!
One event I look forward to every year is the Regency Ball in Lansing each spring.  This year was particularly wonderful, both in terms of weather and the event itself.  My mom was unable to join us (she was visiting my sister and bro-in-law for the weekend) but that worked out well for me...I ran out of time to figure out a dress for myself since none of my stuff fits anymore, so she graciously loaned me one of hers!  Rich looked very fine in his brand-new trousers and braces, with a beautiful striped silk vest from Julie Rockhold of The Fat Reenactress.  Oh, and I put rolled hems in his cravat the morning of the ball--AND starched it!

Lining up to dance
I hardly recognize him without the beard...

I didn't have to make that dress!

Such a fun evening


  1. You looked lovely and I think many costumers overdo the amount of costumes one needs. I know it is fun to make a new robe for every event, but if there is too little time, no one will judge you if you wear something twice (or more often)...

    1. I agree completely...I don't need a new dress for every event, just like I don't need new outfits for every day of the month at work. In this case though I truly didn't have anything that fit or could be easily altered and am so thankful my mom let me borrow her lovely frock! :)

  2. I love your dress, Katie! You look beautiful! Your work always inspires me!