Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tiny Treasures: the Radiant Ring

Someday I will get tired of making dorky titles for my blog posts.  Today is not that day.

I also will not soon tire of looking at pretty things, and it just so happens that this is one of the prettiest things I own...so I thought I'd share!

Garnet & Pearls, two of my favorite things!

I actually initially found this ring from a link on Facebook; one of my reenacting friends was recommending an eBay seller to another friend, and I decided, what the heck, why not take a look?  Oh dear.  Remember the tiny watch fob I found for Rich?  This was from the same seller.  I am nothing if not consistent in my tastes.

Tucked safely in its box
This was listed as a Georgian piece, dated around 1810-20.  There's some wear on the pearls, but overall it's in quite good condition and everything seems to be safe & secure in its setting.

Not precisely small, but flat and easy to wear
While this ring was briefly an option while Rich and I were choosing an engagement ring, I'm much happier with the idea of it as a special-occasion item.  It's fairly large compared to my normal choice of hand jewelry, although I appreciate how low a profile it has.  Also, I'm not paranoid about damaging it, per se, but I think it would make me nervous to wear an item that valuable & old every day.  What if I broke it?!  Think of the trauma!  This way, I can haul it out for special occasions and historical happenings, enjoy it, and then put it back in its cozy little box to wait safely until the next time.

Yep, still pretty!


  1. Beautiful! And don't we all have at least one little box with something precious, which - onced opened - brings happiness to the heart?!
    Enjoy your find wether on the ringfinger or in the box :)


    1. Yes, now I just have to find a safe place for the box... ;)

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