Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Shop is Open!

After a bit of a hiatus (traveling, getting a new job, computer death, etc), my Etsy shop is open again!  In addition to fabric and some ready-made accessories,  I'm now listing some custom-made items; the first one to go up is a tucked 1860s petticoat like mine, which I love:

I'll be adding some more things in the next few days.  Real life keeps slowin' me down, man!  First my laptop died, then I remembered that I'm a grown-up and have to do things like taking out the trash and going to the grocery store...boring!  I'm-a keep working on it, though, so check back soon (like, hopefully tomorrow) for more cool stuff!

Edited to Add:
I've put up another listing, but more importantly I wanted to also let everyone know that my good pal Samantha at The Couture Courtesan is also taking commissions as soon as school is over, which is in just a couple weeks now...and her handwork on delicate fabrics is unreal.  If you're interested in a super-fancy cap, apron, or something like it, you should hop on that as soon as possible.  Obviously I don't have the money (why do you think I'm Etsy-ing?) but I know if I did she'd be the first person I'd pay for a really nice bit of fluff to put on my head.

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