Friday, April 5, 2013

PSA for Size 8 Feet

Sometimes wearing a size 8 shoe is frustrating--it's a fairly common size in adult women, so a lot of times it'll sell out quickly and I won't be able to find the shoes I want in my size.  Then, sometimes it pays off.

If you wear size 8s and are looking for an inexpensive Regency/1812 shoe, try David's Bridal Outlet.

Sure, they're not perfect--however the "accurate" versions on the market at the moment also have things about them that I either personally dislike, or that I don't find terribly accurate either.  Also, these are $9.99.  That's right--I just paid $16.95 WITH SHIPPING.

I've done a lot of looking at historical shoes in the past several months, and the conclusion I've come to is if you truly want something perfect, you're going to have to do something like Nicole at Diary of a Mantua Maker has done and go the totally-historical route--and also learn an entirely new art.  In my eye, the mass-produced options available still fall short of the accuracy mark, which makes me extremely unwilling to drop over $60 or even $100 on a shoe that still isn't right.  If I can find something that is attractive, at least as accurate for my purposes as the commercially reproduced versions, and costs less than $20?  I know which one I'm going to pick!  And yeah, I'm snipping that bow off as soon as they arrive.

For my purposes, these work in terms of shape better than a pointy-toed option, based on museum examples c. 1800-20.  I'm going for around 1810-12 most of the time, which tended to have a rounder toe box than the 1790s versions that have been available to the general public lately.  The very flat sole is also consistent with both extant and illustrated examples that I've seen dating from around 1804 up to about 1820.  I say "up to" simply because my research doesn't extend into the 20s, not because flat soles and round toes didn't exist into the 20s or even 30s!

So in conclusion--if you have size 8 feet and would prefer to go easy on your wallet...check it out while they last!  Or, if you need a different size, try this style for an affordable option.  It has all the good points I just mentioned, is still darn cheap for a pair of decent historical shoes, and also comes in multiple sizes including wide widths.


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  2. Modcloth also comes out with great ones from time to time:
    Or you can just save up pennies for when I'm public this fall!

    1. I've got a list of things to save for after "A Wedding In England," and you'd better believe a pair of Nicole shoes are on it!