Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Greenfield Village 1812 THIS WEEKEND!

I know.  It snuck up on me, too.  But if you're even remotely interested in seeing an 1812 reenactment, this is the one you do NOT want to miss!  Greenfield Village & The Henry Ford are pulling out all the stops for this weekend, and it's going to be unbelievable.

Militia Muster 2011
Last year was our maiden voyage with this event, so to speak, and it was a great success.  This year we have the full force of America's greatest history attraction behind us, and I can't even tell you how excited I am.

In addition to the great stuff from last year--the First Regiment turning out en force, live music by Fiddlesix, military and civilian demos, and the fashion show--the site is also pulling from their extensive collections to put together a display of c. 1812 artifacts and extant garments, and there will be a number of special presentations to round out the program.  You can find more information here; be sure to download the program so you don't miss anything!

Anyway, enough talk.  I can't possibly describe how awesome this event is going to be and the weather is supposed to be great, so clearly you should come out and visit us!

Hope to see you there!


  1. Just came from dropping off the cannon at Greenfield Village and got a sneak peek at their 1812 exhibit in the Burbank House. Wow!!! It is small but it has some seriously awesome artifacts. Two original letters about the war dated 1813, one of them from Dolly Madison and the other from Abigail Adams!

    There is some great embroidery, miniature portraits on ivory and some great muskets, canteens etc.

    Oh, did I mention the original clothes? Way too cool! And a chance to look at the "I skinned Elmo and made his pelt into a waistcoat" waistcoat. Oh, and the righteous striped silk tailcoat...

    For a small, one weekend exhibit the Historical Resources staff and Special Programs staff outdid themselves!! Huzzah!

    And yes, the vendors are wonderful! Great Regency Fabrics, Millinery, Amazing Wax Portraits, Toy soldiers & hand cast pewter spoons, and a hatmaker as well as all the great crafts made-on site by The Henry Ford staff. Well worth the drive!!