Monday, July 2, 2012

Horse Sense

It's been cotton-pickin' hot here, but that hasn't stopped me from spending time with Jackson.  He just had a tooth removed about a week ago and seems to be feeling better by the day.  Below, you can see us together doing nothing particularly interesting.  It was hot, what can I say?

I didn't get pictures, but the tooth that came out was pretty nasty.  It was split all the way down to the root and rotten inside, so the poor fellow had to deal with the split portion wiggling whenever he would chew.  I'm curious to see if he'll put on some weight now that the tooth is out, since he was pretty skinny when he came to us.

Horse whiskers!
His appetite certainly hasn't been negatively impacted by his surgery, as you can see by the green gunk in his mouth above.  To the left of the gunk, you can see a couple of his stitches.  I will say, he seems much more cheerful about life than I did after having my wisdom teeth removed!  I did nothing but lie around in misery and woe for a week.  Jackson seems full of pep and ready to go, even moreso than usual.  Also, he was very sweet about me sticking my fingers in his mouth in order to take pictures.  He shook his head at me a couple times but seemed content to let me take pictures as long as I didn't try to prod any further into his mouth than you can see above.

No bit here!
Because of the location of his stitches, Jackson can't wear a bit for the next few weeks.  And rightly so!  Because of this, I've been riding him with a hackamore, a bitless bridle, for about a week.  When Sarah, my teacher and Jackson's owner!mom told me about it, I was hesitant and intrigued.  I figured it had the potential to be a total disaster, but we'd try it and see how it went.  At the very least I'd have something to tell my friends about, right?

Nothing bit-shaped here, either.
In actuality, nothing happened.  It isn't very different from riding with a bit at all.  Maybe it's because Jackson is a total sweetheart and tries super hard, maybe it's because he was really well trained, or maybe it's just easier than it sounds.  Either way, I actually haven't noticed much of a difference.  The only lingering question I have is: does he naturally just drool a lot, or is he slobbery because of his tooth situation?

Ha ha, no, just kidding.

...Seriously though.  He really does enjoy drooling on my shirts.


  1. Cute baby! Bob drools on me too :P

    1. I wonder if it's a boy thing...Molly was very non-drooly compared to Jackson!