Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chillicothe Shout-Out

From the Adena Mansion & Gardens website,  http://adenamansion.com/

At the almost very last minute, I decided that I wanted to go to the Adena Mansion & Gardens in Chillicothe, OH, to join the First Regiment in celebrating the 200th anniversary of the raising of Brush's Company in the War of 1812.  I rode down with my friend Beth, and I think it's safe to say we had a blast!

My favorite room on the mansion tour.
The Adena Mansion & Gardens is a wonderful site, beautifully kept, and the staff and volunteers were so welcoming!  The tour of the mansion was well worth taking--it was over an hour, but so full of information that the time flew by.  It's been really nicely restored and what's exceptional about it is that the Ohio Historical Society and Adena still own a lot of things that belonged to the original family, the Worthingtons.  It seemed like every other room had a desk or table or dish that belonged to a member of the original home owners, and the OHS also has documents and correspondence from the Worthington family as well.
Fritz helps Craig fit a regimental.
The event itself was extremely relevant to the site, too.  Brush's Company was raised right there in Chillicothe, the same weekend in July 200 years ago.  It was really amazing to be a part of the commemoration, right there where it happened!  There are more pictures of the event as well as the Ross County Historical Society museum here on my flickr.

On top of everything, I really do love the First Regiment.  Everyone is just so great, and we have so much fun together, both with each other and also talking to the public.  There were awesome crafts for kids to do, civilian and military interpretation, and just generally something for everyone to enjoy.

Also, I met so many people who follow my blog!  (Hi everyone!)  It was really touching and special when people would come up and ask, "Are you Katie Jacobs?" and tell me they read this ol' thing!  I really appreciate it, and I just think it's so cool that the internet connects us like that.  When you contrast that with the scads of letters and diaries that the Worthington family produced, that have been meticulously saved and preserved all these years, how amazing is it that we know people all over the world and can communicate like this?   I dunno, I just think it's pretty darn cool.

I also know I gave out a lot of business cards over the weekend, so for anyone who received one and is looking for information I mentioned, I have a list of resources linked over to the right side of the page and feel free to email me!

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