Monday, June 11, 2012

Helping the Huebners

Hey, it's pre-event panic time again! What do you know? Genesee Country Village & Museum's 1812 Bicentennial Weekend is coming up on June 23-24, and a certain ginger-haired family needs some clothing!

Ashlyn helping with linen and twill tape.
I panicked at the beginning of the weekend after making a list of all the stuff we needed to get done, so my mother graciously stepped in and helped me with some of the prep work.  I cut out all the pattern pieces on Saturday, and Sunday morning cut the pieces for Matt's trousers.  While I cut out his waistcoat, my mom put together the basic pieces of the trousers so Matt could try them on when I went over to the Huebners' to sew that afternoon.

Hard at work, phew!
Sunday afternoon became sewing bootcamp at the Huebner house.  Matt had control of the machine, since he had some work to finish on his shirt-his very first sewing project!-and Erinn and I started work on the waistcoat.  We used the Kannik's Korner Man's Waistcoat pattern and followed the directions pretty much as-written, using linen from

Hey Ashlyn, where's your belly?
Between the two of us, Erinn and I knocked out the waistcoat in one evening, by hand, minus buttons & holes.  Not too shabby, especially since our little helper (as seen above) tended to be kind of...distracting.  Super cute, though!  Once the waistcoat got to a point where only one person could work on it and Matt's shirt was done but for buttons, I started work on finishing the trousers.  There aren't any pictures of those yet, though, since unfinished pants tend to be a bit sketchy in terms of coverage.

Lookin' good!
By the end of the night, we had a waistcoat ready for finishing work and a pair of trousers that just need some hand finishing and shaping in the legs.  I'm really happy with the work we did today, and it seemed like we all had a good time.  I'm ridiculously pleased with how everything is turning out, and sewing with the Huebners is such a good time.  They may be new to the hobby, but they're smart cookies and eager to learn!  And don't tell anyone, but Erinn's handsewing looks way better than mine--shh!

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  1. :-x We (as the ginger headed family) really appreciate all your help and willingness to teach and work alongside us so we're not too naked at the events we hope to attend!