Saturday, June 2, 2012

Greenfield Village Civil War Remembrance 2012

So, I'm just going to say up front that I'm getting worse at taking photos every time I go to an event. It's kind of a problem. For example, I met the lovely Katherine this weekend, and her mom, Ingrid, and I meant to get a picture with them. I all but wrote it on my hand. And then when I saw them, I was too busy talking and laughing with them to remember that I had my camera in my reticule! Ugh, so, no pictures of Katherine and Ingrid...but they were sweet and wonderful and I met them Saturday in plainclothes and then they came back the next day in 1860s outfits and it was phenomenal. :)

There are a few pictures of when I wasn't busy having a brain fart, though, so enjoy!

This is my Julie

This was Julie's first 1860s event in period clothes; she's visited us at Greenfield Village every year since we started going, but always in shorts and a tee shirt! I absolutely love the outfit she put together. Her dress is a spotted cotton lawn, made up like a sheer with a half-high lining. She's an amazing seamstress, but she doesn't like computers so she doesn't really put her stuff online. I guess I'll just have to put pictures up instead!


My mom got a chance to wear her plaid dress's really cute, she keeps asking me if she can make modifications to it, and I keep telling her it's her dress so she can do whatever she wants! It's truly served both of us well at this point.


This pretty much sums up my role in the proceedings all weekend. My mom and Julie were elegant, accomplished ladies. I was full of derp. Yep. Also, this is my favorite outfit of JJ's. (Katherine...maybe this will make you glad I didn't actually take a picture with you!) ;)

Okay, okay fine. Here's an more dignified photo.



  1. Very nice and very elegant photos.
    It was such a great weekend!
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Lovely ladies all! True time traveling eye candy! I appreciate the work you put into your impressions. Wish more people would emulate your efforts and time!