Friday, June 15, 2012

And now for something completely different...


This is Jackson...I've been riding him in lessons for a month or so now, and just signed a partial lease so I get to ride him two extra days a week. He's a total sweetheart; the other family who's also leasing him calls him their "golden retriever in a horse's body"


This is his other side--notice that he has one blue and one brown eye. He's my little lopsided cutie! He's a paint, though as you can see he's mostly white. His story is a little sad--he's been out at my teacher's dad's property for three years, not being ridden or used except for a couple times a year. His owner couldn't afford to keep him, so she just kind of left him there three years ago. Now he's at our barn, taking the place of my teacher's horse (who is having summer break from lessons) and I adore him.


He's so different to ride than Molly, the beautiful little bay quarter horse I've been on for the last six months. And I still love her to bits. She's really sweet, and always comes to say hi when I'm there. Today I actually got Mollysnot on my face because she wanted kisses on her nose when I was done hosing Jackson down after our ride. But Molly is...Molly. I hesitated on leasing her because I felt like I'd reached the limits of her abilities. She was trained to do western, so walking and trotting mostly worked fine, but she's pissy about things like cantering and dressage, she's awful at jumping, and she's just kind of...Molly.


Then Jackson came along, and I could do everything on him. He's not used to being worked, but he was well-trained in his youth and he knows all sorts of fancy stuff that I haven't even learned yet. He's really eager to please, and I can tell he's improving already after just a month doing lessons, as am I. For example, cantering on Molly was not only a battle of wills, but it was terrifying because I never knew when she was going to try to dump me off, and she's just...really wiggly. Jackson is like riding a cloud in comparison, seriously.


I also really like his pretty blue eye.

Anyway, so far Jackson and I seem to be getting along pretty well, so hopefully you'll be seeing more of him in the future!


  1. This made me giggle because Molly the Horse sounds exactly like Molly the Person, if I was a horse. I'm pissy about cantering too.

    1. Me too! The only time I go faster than a walking pace is when I'm on a horse. ;)