Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Amey's Adornments and Pretty Things

Before last year, I'd never heard of Amey's Adornments, but when I found them I nearly died of glee. Andrea Miller Amey is 1. adorable, 2. an amazing goldsmith, and 3. super super nice. I met her at Fair at New Boston 2011, and imagine my surprise and joy when I saw that she sold rings for pin balls.

I ordered one right then and there. It arrived not too long ago, and I'm in love.

I. Love. It. There are no words to express how much I love it. To my knowledge, the only other place selling them is Colonial Williamsburg. Not to be gauche, but I paid significantly less for this than I would have if I'd gotten it from History Disney W-burg. Plus, what's not to love about supporting a small business? I always feel like buying stuff that's "by reenactors, for reenactors" is like good shopping karma.

It's a beautiful little thing, and I just adore that chain. The floss that also features here is silk, bought from A-Z Needlepoint...and will be used for the pinball intended for this ring. I know...I just posted about not liking embroidery, but counted needlework is different in my mind. I'm less likely to make it look sloppy, for one.

Maker's hallmark, for posterity. Not that I'm passing this on...my progeny can pry it out of my cold, dead fingers and I might just ask to be buried with it. I told you I loved it!


  1. What a wonderful find! I can see why you love this piece so much - it's beautiful and will crown every pin ball:)


  2. I was interested in making one of these ever since I saw a few friends making and wearing them. I remember seeing them at Mary Dickenson's in CW but they were too pricey. I hope your seller gets more in.

    1. You should email her and ask if you're interested; she was out of stock at Fair at New Boston but made mine to order. And she was super fast on emails!

  3. Oh how lovely! What a great find. I'll have to message her and see if she'll make one to order for me!