Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stuff and Things

So today, I've taken on the office shredder armed with a pair of scissors, a steno pad notebook, a stapler, and a ballpoint pen. I won, surprisingly. It was hella jammed and I managed to get it un-jammed...after almost running the entire pair of scissors through the shredder teeth. The scissors wound up being a sacrificial offering, but I triumphed and kept all my fingers intact. So that's a victory for the day.

Also, I'm rounding up stuff to unload either on Etsy or at the upcoming Kalamazoo Living History Show. I've got three or four good lengths of wool I'd like to get rid of, one vintage chintz print, and several costumes I don't wear anymore that could be cut up for fabric or possibly worn by someone near-ish to my size.

The Fuchsia 1911 dress [claimed!] will probably be on the chopping block, along with the striped silk tissue pelisse, green linen roundgown, and possibly the white wool pelisse as well.

They're in varying levels of repair--the fuchsia dress has been worn once, the wool pelisse twice. The other pelisse has seen maybe half a dozen light-duty events, and the roundgown has been worn pretty hard, but is clean and mended, and sturdy. Size-wise, they were all made when my bust was about 48-50, waist 38-40, hips 48-50, and will all adjust somewhat within reason. I'm about 5'2". Let me know if you're interested--or they'll go up for sale "as is" at K-zoo mid-March; make me an offer if you're interested: katie AT katiejacobs DOT com.

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