Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day by Day

I've had a few people (both online and off) ask me about my meal planning, so I thought I'd put up a sample of what a day in my meal plan might look like. I've included links to some of the recipes I'm using, all of which I've taste-tested and approve!

For the most part, this plan is based on serving sizes. One serving of carbs is 15g--and each serving counts as a "choice," and I get 11 "choices" a day. One serving of protein is an ounce, one serving of fat is 5g. So, when the table says an English muffin is 2 carb choices, that means it's got about 30g carbohydrates in one muffin. You get the idea.

MealFoodsCarbs: 11Veg: 3+ Protein: 6ozFat: 4
BreakfastEnglish muffin2
3 Carb Choices1T peanut butter11
Lunch3oz chicken32
3-4 Carb Choices1 pita2
1c spinach1
Sliced cucumber0.5
1T "skinny" tzatziki
Snack1.25c strawberries1
1-2 Carb Choices1/2c Special K1
Dinner2c turkey chili220.5
3-4 Carb Choices4oz roasted zucchini1

For the chicken, I used the marinade recipe minus the red wine vinegar--the tzatziki recipe is from another site. That, I used in a much smaller quantity than recommended because I'm lactose intolerant. A tablespoon mostly is safe, if I avoid dairy for the rest of the day!

These recipes are mostly ones I found on Pinterest, and for the ones that don't list nutrition facts, I've been using Calorie Count to figure out approximate amounts based on recipes I've found. Pretty nifty!

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