Thursday, February 23, 2012

Apparently, I've given up my sanity for Lent.

So the other day I was talking to my friend Sarah about things people do for Lent. I'm not Catholic, but I am familiar with the concept, and I've always thought it was an interesting practice to commit to something like that. She told me about the idea of doing something rather than giving up something, which intrigued me. We decided we were going to do exercises at home every night for forty days.

Naive little us, we said "100 situps and 100 pushups."

Yeah. Har har we're so cute hundred pushups is not happening. So we're talking about maybe doing arm lifts, or mixing things up to incorporate other exercises.

I should have just given up sewing for Lent...but I suppose doing something that comes naturally to you doesn't really count, does it? ;) If you don't hear from me for a while...I'll blog again after Easter when I can feel my arms again.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Closet Cleanout

So, now that I've started clearing out my closet, I can't seem to stop. I find getting rid of things to be a little bit addictive. So there are more dresses going (hopefully) out the door, and you guys get first crack at them before I put them on Etsy or take them to K-zoo. Prices don't include shipping, but that would be the actual shipping cost to your location...or if you're going to be at K-zoo, we can meet up there. I'm also willing to meet up in or around the Grand Rapids/West Michigan area for pickup/dropoff. :)

First up:

Block printed cotton voile with border print, unlined except for sleeves, which are lined in lightweight linen. Dorset thread buttons, hand-stitched buttonholes. Some machine construction, but all visible stitching is hand-done. This dress has been worn many times, and there may be some signs of wear. One of the buttonholes has been torn and mended. $80 + actual shipping cost to your location.


Jacket, 1770s French Caraco--JACKET ONLY
Cotton brocade, lined in heavy linen. Machine-sewn, with hand finishing visible. Center front overlaps and closes with pins, though you could add hooks & eyes for convenience. Worn maybe four times tops. $60 + actual shipping cost.
References: French Caraco from Vintage Textile, Late 18c jacket @ the Met Museum.

Gown and petticoat. Dress is cotton twill with an indienne-style print. Lined & interlined in cotton muslin with ribbon loops & ties inside to pull the skirt up. Petticoat is heavy cotton with allover crewel embroidery in wool. This does NOT include the red petticoat or the sleeve flounces. Machine sewn with hand finishing. Petticoat ties with waist tapes and bodice closes with skirt hooks & bars. Has been worn many times, but is in good repair, clean, and comfortable. $50 + shipping.

Measurements and contact info in the previous entry! Or feel free to comment if you want more info on anything. :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stuff and Things

So today, I've taken on the office shredder armed with a pair of scissors, a steno pad notebook, a stapler, and a ballpoint pen. I won, surprisingly. It was hella jammed and I managed to get it un-jammed...after almost running the entire pair of scissors through the shredder teeth. The scissors wound up being a sacrificial offering, but I triumphed and kept all my fingers intact. So that's a victory for the day.

Also, I'm rounding up stuff to unload either on Etsy or at the upcoming Kalamazoo Living History Show. I've got three or four good lengths of wool I'd like to get rid of, one vintage chintz print, and several costumes I don't wear anymore that could be cut up for fabric or possibly worn by someone near-ish to my size.

The Fuchsia 1911 dress [claimed!] will probably be on the chopping block, along with the striped silk tissue pelisse, green linen roundgown, and possibly the white wool pelisse as well.

They're in varying levels of repair--the fuchsia dress has been worn once, the wool pelisse twice. The other pelisse has seen maybe half a dozen light-duty events, and the roundgown has been worn pretty hard, but is clean and mended, and sturdy. Size-wise, they were all made when my bust was about 48-50, waist 38-40, hips 48-50, and will all adjust somewhat within reason. I'm about 5'2". Let me know if you're interested--or they'll go up for sale "as is" at K-zoo mid-March; make me an offer if you're interested: katie AT katiejacobs DOT com.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day by Day

I've had a few people (both online and off) ask me about my meal planning, so I thought I'd put up a sample of what a day in my meal plan might look like. I've included links to some of the recipes I'm using, all of which I've taste-tested and approve!

For the most part, this plan is based on serving sizes. One serving of carbs is 15g--and each serving counts as a "choice," and I get 11 "choices" a day. One serving of protein is an ounce, one serving of fat is 5g. So, when the table says an English muffin is 2 carb choices, that means it's got about 30g carbohydrates in one muffin. You get the idea.

MealFoodsCarbs: 11Veg: 3+ Protein: 6ozFat: 4
BreakfastEnglish muffin2
3 Carb Choices1T peanut butter11
Lunch3oz chicken32
3-4 Carb Choices1 pita2
1c spinach1
Sliced cucumber0.5
1T "skinny" tzatziki
Snack1.25c strawberries1
1-2 Carb Choices1/2c Special K1
Dinner2c turkey chili220.5
3-4 Carb Choices4oz roasted zucchini1

For the chicken, I used the marinade recipe minus the red wine vinegar--the tzatziki recipe is from another site. That, I used in a much smaller quantity than recommended because I'm lactose intolerant. A tablespoon mostly is safe, if I avoid dairy for the rest of the day!

These recipes are mostly ones I found on Pinterest, and for the ones that don't list nutrition facts, I've been using Calorie Count to figure out approximate amounts based on recipes I've found. Pretty nifty!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Here's the cording layout I finally came up with! Samantha and I went to visit our friend Beth this weekend, and met up with some super-awesome ladies for a sewing day. I got my layout traced onto the actual stays pieces, with some help from a new friend:

This is Jewel, Beth's new baby green-cheek conure.  She kept us company almost the whole day, and she really enjoyed nibbling the end of my pen while I traced lines onto my stays.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Slice of Life

Because life has a way of happening to all of us, almost directly after I posted about my indecision on a cording layout for my new stays, I came down with some sort of horrible illness that led to me being off work for a little while, and to being delirious for most of that time.

Yeah, it was trippy.

Anyway, I'm just now starting to feel normal again, although still fatigued. Unfortunately, I haven't been sewing much while gulping OJ and vitamins and sleeping a lot. One thing I have done, however, is realize that I'm not really taking care of myself. Home alone for two days, I barely had enough food around to feed my sick self a couple of eggs, much less the actual amount of food that a real adult human needs. So while I was bundled up in a fuzzy blanket on the couch, I put together a meal plan.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Switching Over

Hey all! Thanks to the wonderful people over at A Small Orange, you may notice that things around here are slightly different--the blog is now the main page!

I'll be going through to change internal links by hand, so you may notice some interesting things happening with the navigation links up top and center until I get everything switched over*, but for now (and moving foward) the blog is now the best-foot-forward of

*aka, troubleshoot with A Small Orange, because they are wonderful people and much more knowledgeable than I.