Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fair at New Boston: Sunday

Sunday rumbled in with a bit of rain and some residual thunder. When I arrived on site, it looked like a canvas warzone. High winds the night before had taken down several tents, and there were some merchants who lost portions of their inventory to falling canvas, rain, or general craziness. Some of them packed up and left, while others righted their things and soldiered on.

Resetting after the rain.
Photo by Debbie Hoerauf

Because of the storm damage, the fair opened at noon instead of ten, but there were absolute scads of people waiting. I was very impressed; despite the weather, there was a massive inpouring of visitors as soon as the gates opened.


Because of the heat on Saturday I wore my lightest cotton dress to keep cool (ha!). The muddy conditions of Sunday called for a harder-wearing ensemble, so I was really glad I had thought to bring my striped linen crossover. Wool probably would have been the best choice, since it doesn't get quite as heavy when wet as linen does, but I was really very pleased with how well this outfit did in the inclement weather.

More shopping was accomplished, and I bought a mug that had escaped from the previous night's storm damage. It rained off and on for the rest of the day, and we almost made it out half-dry. Of course, it started pouring as soon as we began to take our tents down, so hard that there was actually water pooling in the canvas as we were folding it.

My "go figure, it's raining" face.
Photo by Samantha Bullat

Despite the surprise!downpour, packing out didn't take as long as it could have...considering that it wasn't safe to take my car onto the field and we had to pull everything out in a wooden handcart. I mean--there were other vehicles on the field, but that meant it was extremely muddy and rutted, and with my car's low clearance we agreed that getting in on the field wouldn't be the problem. It'd be getting it off the field without getting stuck that would be the issue! So we dragged our gear out with only a little trouble, lashed the wettest of the canvas to the top of the car, and made our escape from Ohio all in one piece.

All in all, I had a wonderful time. I always have fun with the 1st Regiment folks, and for me the crazy weather really brought about a feeling of "we're in this together." I was astonished by the huge turnout from the public, and I definitely am looking forward to this event again in a year's time!

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  1. Just found your journal--lovely photos! It's been years since I went to Fair at New Boston (and I dearly miss hikes to the waterfall!) but I recall one year when we had to just get the car going downhill and hope the mud didn't catch us on the way out...friends told me this year was much the same :) Hope you dried out!