Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fair at New Boston. In a word, INTENSE!

When we last left our heroes (aka, Samantha and myself), we had just finished beating a strategic retreat from the battle of the bat in my apartment and were on our way to Lansing. Stern warnings had been issued to Mike, in mostly-genteel tones, to the tune of "Be ready to go or we will kill you." And lo and behold! We pulled in and Mike's gear was all waiting for us in the driveway. It took hardly any time at all to load, which then left time for a short nap to make up for the sleep lost to bat-hunting the night before.

The drive down was uneventful, other than the heat. I don't know if it's appropriate or possible to call heat "excruciating," but this really was. You know how they say don't put a fishbowl in direct sunlight, because it will overheat and kill the fish? Picture my car as the fishbowl, and Katie!fish, Mike!fish, and Sami!fish slowly dying of hotness inside.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Mina (the nickname I've given the Garmin GPS we use when going on long trips) got us to Springfield, Ohio, with no incident, and no heat-related deaths. Things cooled off a little as the sun started to set, and we found a beautifully wooded campsite that was several degrees cooler than the field upon which the main event was set. Setup went smoothly until it got dark and we discovered we light. ...MIIIIKE. He produced three scented pillar candles and a random votive from somewhere in his gear, but nothing with which to light them. Fortunately, the group of longhunters next to us provided fire, and I sat up putting last minute finishing touches on my clothes until I accidentally capsized my candle and the sloshing wax put the flame out. After that I gave up and went to bed.


There is more to come, and there are also pictures! I promise.

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