Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Recent Acquisition


Happy day! I am now the proud (and abundantly delighted owner) of a beautiful antique lace shawl. It was an extremely lucky find on Ebay, and it arrived in the mail today. It's in wonderful shape--there's a small hole at one edge that I'll probably reinforce with some black tulle or net, and a handful of tiny little snags near the upper edge on the net ground, where a couple stitches will stabilize it quite nicely. And it's gorgeous.

I had been shopping around a bit ago, thinking maybe I'd get one for my mom for Mothers' Day. She's really into textiles in general, and she loves pretty, delicate, lacy things. The lowest I saw for a price--for something with noticeable damage--was around $200. Not awful, but definitely not cheap.

I paid fifty-five dollars for mine. $55. Cincuenta y cinco.

You may all feel free to hate me now. ;)


  1. Okay... I hate you! ;D How did you get it for $55??? Some times I'm lucky about antique magazines or parasols but never have I been as lucky as you and found a shawl like yours to under a $100!

    I just looked at Ebay and the prices right now are very low... I shall go and see if I can get as lucky as you.

  2. Ebay is a great place if you can find a deal, otherwise there's a person on Facebook (here) who is selling off her collection of antiques. Her shawls are running about $100, which is still a pretty good deal for one in good condition, from what I've seen. :)