Friday, February 4, 2011

The Real Regency

One of the hardest things I faced when getting into 1812 reenacting was to divorce myself from the Hollywood idea of regency fashion and adjust my aesthetic to a more faithfully historical style. In the past several years, there have been many wonderful (and not so wonderful) movie and television features set in the early 19th century, with costumes ranging in accuracy from "why God, why?" to "hey, that's not bad." However, upon continuing my research, I've found that few of them offer a satisfyingly immersive idea of regency fashion.

For a lot of people, Jane Austen films and BBC miniseries are their first introduction to regency fashion. I could go into design choices and appealing to a modern audience, but really, it's probably all been said before. The real point is--where do you go for a more historical approach to early 19th century clothing? How do you go one step beyond the stage and screen?

This past year, my dear friend Nuranar provided the world with a wonderful resource. She laid hands upon hundreds of fashion plates for the 1800-1813 and created a set for each year on Flickr! Her photostream is here, where you can access all the 13 years of fashion-y goodness. Here are a few of my favorites, too!


  1. Wonderful collection of fashion plates. Highly inspiring! Thank you for the hint.