Sunday, February 27, 2011

Midwinter Ball 2011

The 8th Arkansas' Midwinter Ball is without a question one of my favorite dances of the entire year. It's five hours long, with an excellent caller and excellent company, and lovely refreshments. To me, a long event like that with several breaks and a great variety of dances feels very authentic. People used to do this for fun, right? After an event like this one, I can definitely see why!

Our dear Michael was in attendance again this year, looking dashing as always. There was actually a quite good ratio of men to women, and the mingling was quite pleasant. Some familiar faces, some new ones, but everyone did a good job of dancing his or her duty.

My lady mother* attended with me, and the plaid evening bodice got another outing. Since it was made for me, it's a bit large on her narrower shoulders. However, having bought eleven yards at the time of purchase, there should be more than enough to make yet another bodice (or two...), this time specifically for a smaller frame.

*Romeo and Juliet, anyone?

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