Sunday, July 11, 2010


It's been far too long since I touched my actual website, so I took the weekend to mess around with it a bit. I've decided I'll be using the journal as an update page, as well as posting event recaps & photos here. So the main page has been simplified, and I changed a few things on the "about," page. Also, three new costume pages!

A dress of indienne block printed cotton, c. 1810-12.

Gentleman's small clothes (breeches & waistcoat) of linen and linen/cotton.

An open robe and petticoat of tropical-weight wool, c. 1770-1780.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Under the Redcoat 2010

A pleasant afternoon in Williamsburg

I should probably mention right at the beginning here that I'm a cold-weather girl. In my world, it should never get above 57 degrees to be ideal. I can deal with up to 70, but for me, that's hot. Eighties is TOO hot, and above ninety, I'm in hell. That being said...despite the fact that it was over a hundred degrees in Williamsburg while I was there, I had an absolutely amazing, fantastic time! Keep going to read more. With pictures, of course!