Sunday, February 28, 2010

Midwinter Ball

Surprise! Event this weekend. Good thing it was an 1860s ball, and I already have a ballgown.

Gwendolyn, Katie, and Mike
February 27, 2010

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Look how happy they are!

This particular ball was held in a familiar venue--the Methodist church in Lansing, but put on by a different unit. This one is the longest I've attended, and I think consensus was it was the most fun, too. Less formal, but more like I feel it might have been--just a lot of friends (or people who are passingly familiar) getting together to eat fun food and have a good time. The caller was someone different, and I really liked her.

Gwendolyn worked her magic on my hair!

I've been sick (coughing slime, high on DayQuil) for about a week, and was pretty worn out just as a matter of course, so I was ever so grateful when, pre-event, Gwendolyn took over making my hair behave. It's finally long enough to start doing some fun stuff, so I had curls to play with this time, thanks Gwendolyn! :)

With five hours of dancing, we actually had some time to sit without feeling like we were missing out.

Gwendolyn and I were talking the other day and it's been just about two years since we started doing this sort of thing--historic dancing. Back then, we never had thought of reenacting as a possibility. And now look at us...

The facial hair met with universal approval.

Late at night and still goofing off!

We wanted to keep our silk skirts from getting wet. Mike said we looked like refugees.

I say, if we looked like refugees, then he looked like the Mad Hatter.

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