Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"I am not playing. I'm accessorizing."

As my dear friend Gwendolyn often tells me, "accessories make an outfit." Above is pictured one of my favorites.

Inspired by this portrait, I wore my coral set to the River Raisin Battlefield Commemoration back in January. The necklace I've had and worn for years; the beads were a gift from my friend Marie. She sent me enough (from Canada--New France, if you will, which makes me geekily excited) for a necklace and then some, but until recently I hadn't done much with the rest of the beads. Most of them became another necklace (for a gift), but I still had a few left over. Add in a couple smaller beads and some silver findings, et voila! A set of matching earrings.

Gwendolyn, wearing the coral necklace and choosing sash colors.

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