Thursday, January 28, 2010

Avoidance Mode

Once upon a time, when I was working at Hobby Lobby in college, one of my coworkers saw my mom at the store and asked her, "does Katie work well under pressure?"

My mother, bless her heart, considered for a minute and finally told her, "Well, if there's pressure, she'll actually work..."

This statement is very true, in that I work best with a set goal. Give me a deadline and I can whip out whatever it is you need in no time. Without a date by which I have to accomplish a task, however, I tend to not work on it. I've gotten better, and haven't had a last minute sewing panic in several months, but I still do better with a deadline.

And if it's a task that I REALLY don't want to do (like, say, cutting out chemises or cutting out a dress bodice, or...cutting out anything, really), I tend to find other things I could work on. Like creating a blog and attempting to embed it in my website. I figure it's just a matter of time before I decide to completely redesign Theatrical~Historical, anyway. After all, it's almost two years old! As of February 16, I will have had for two full years. How the time flies!


  1. The blog looks great! I have the same exact work style. If I don't have a deadline I'm usually dreaming up a million and one costume ideas and not sewing! Deadlines are good things!

  2. Yes, Lindsey, I loves me my deadlines. I have to create false ones when I have actual lead time on a project or it'll never get done!